Rambling Some A Blues

Been a while since I posted something here, so thought this morning before vocal workout and exercises would be a good time. My guitar playing has gone way down since I started the Voice 101 course at Berklee. I must say, there is nothing 101 about this course, at least, for me there isn’t… but that is an indicator of how much work my voice needs. Just to get through the course seems to be taking a major life change. A lot less drinking and a massive amount of regular hydration.

This morning I pulled out the new burst LP Standard and played some A blues and took a video of it. I tried a new technique where I tried to better follow the I-IV-V pattern by staying, for the most part, in the same position. In CAGE terms on the pentatonic, I played the G shape on the fifth position for the A, then played the A shape in about the same position for the D, then the C shape for the E. Worked out quite well. I stopped at parts and fumbled a bit to hear tone because I am also messing around with The Amp Factory profile for Kemper called Tiny Teeny Feet.


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