Singing and Playing

I’ve noticed that some newer players sing and play right away, but don’t ever learn to play really well nor sing very well. After spending about two years really focusing on fretboard memorization, music theory, and finger dexterity, I was finally able to play and sing. It really is a coordination challenge, but refreshing when you can finally play and sing at the same time. Now after about a year or so of playing and singing (I have played guitar much longer than that, however), it feels refreshing to pickup the guitar and play and improve without always approaching the guitar from a ‘practice’ guitar approach.
I play with a couple of people that do manage to play and sing, but have noticed that some people take just about every song and apply the same strum pattern that they are comfortable with to a song that uses a totally different strum pattern. One way I have found to point this out without making a peer feel uncomfortable is to suggest videos. By looking at a video of two different songs played, then playing the original it makes pointing this out natural.
Of course, song and performance personalization add a flavor to cover songs, but pleeeeease! Just get the melody and rhythm correct! Personalize after that, or change the song completely.

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