Looping To Procrastinate Songwriting

I’ve been pumping out some kind of loop just about every two or three days since about a week ago. Some much longer than others, such as the Jan. 17th song that was 31 bars, and the Jan. 24th song that was 46 bars. What I am trying to do is create a pool of backing tracks to play lead guitar to, or at least get all of the rhythms in rock and blues that a one-man guitarist and songwriter can work with. Of course, I play with friends often, but sitting in isolation and composing in the studio is fun as well. I am throwing all of these into my ReverbNation page. Yes, I know… no shame. But hey, I ran out of upload time on my free SoundCloud account last night!

Also, as mentioned before, I have yet for the third time taken up playing drums. I must say this time around feels better. I am forcing myself to play open handed instead of cross-handed. That image of a drummer laid back and rolling the whole set open-handed is so much better than hunched over playing cross-handed. However, this journey over the past couple of weeks, combined with going to yoga regularly has been an adventure in limb independence. Still play guitar at least a half hour a day and up to about four hours a couple times a week. I must say, my timing when I sit in front of the DAW is the best it’s ever been and practically spot on! Hasta!

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